Fees for Income Tax Preparation:

1- U.S. Gambling refund claims: 

We charge a fixed flat rate and not a % of your refund. Fees are quoted upfront and will change only because of additional unexpected work which will be discussed with you first. 

2- Other U.S and Canadian returns:

following fees are estimates only. For an actual upfront quote please contact our office.

“Basic” return means a tax return with no business or rental income, no capital gains or losses and up 12 tax slips (T slips).

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Out-of-town clients pay the cost of shipping documents to and from our office in Kitchener, Ontario.

Basic Sample Rates

  • Basic Canadian T1 return: From $50.00 (single), From $100.00 (couple)
  • Self-Employed return (one business statement completed and provided by client): From $130.00
  • Rental income return (one rental statement completed and provided by client): From $130.00
  • T2 Corporate return, financial statements completed and provided by client: From $350.00
  • Business HST return: From $110.00
  • Section 216 Election return (one rental statement): From $110.00
  • FormT2062/T2062A preparation, requests by Canadian non-residents for a”Certificate of Compliance” from Canada Revenue Agency when disposing of Canadian real estate: From $250.00
  • Prior-year tax return adjustment, correcting for additional tax slips From $25.00 (existing clients only)
  • Combined 1040 and Canadian T1 (all adjustments and credit transfers between the two countries): from 450.00
  • Combined 1040NR and T1 (includes all adjustments and transfers): from 450.00
  • By letting us prepare both your Canadian and U.S. returns, you make sure you are in compliance with all tax treaties and articles between Canada and United States and:
  •   All tax benefits such foreign tax credit, bona fide and substantial presence test income exemption, etc..