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Every Tax Payer has a different and unique Income Tax and financial situation. Fairtax Business Services is committed to customized, individual-tax payer-based assessment in the preparation of each income tax return so that you pay the least amount of taxes without breaking law.
At Fairtax Business Services we will make certain every eligible tax credit and deduction is properly claimed. We review all your slips. Contact CRA (with your authorization) and obtain any missing tax slips, carry over amounts, RRSP room, etc..Compare your previous year’s return to the current tax year and note any discrepancies or changes.

Among other things, we check the following deductions or credits:
• Interest and dividends (T5 slips)
• Support for a child, spouse or common-law partner
• RRSP contributions
• Professional fees or union dues
• Medical expenses
• Tuition/education amounts for qualifying students (T2202 slip)
• Transit passes
• Charitable donations
• Political contributions
• Child care expenses
• Children’s fitness or arts programs
• CTB- Child tax Benefit
• Moving expenses
• Interest paid on student loans
• Carrying charges and interest expenses
• Provincial Credits, Ontario Trillium, GST/HST,
• Small corporation losses
• Sale of Stocks, real estate
• Immigration/emigration to and from Canada

Other documentation such as:
• Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200)
• Capital gains/losses
• Business income and expense
• Automobile/travel expenses
• Rental income and expense
• Automobile expenses
• Travel expenses
• Home office expenses
• CAA or depreciation
• TL2 for Truck Drives

Biography of Mohammad H. Akbari – BSc, MSc.
• President of Fairtax Business Services since 1997
• Specialization in Canadian taxation since 1995
• Specialization in U.S.A and cross border taxation since 2004
• Graduate of University of Louisiana – BSc (Economics/Agribusiness)- 1983
• Graduate of University of Guelph – MSc., MBA- 1995
• Income Tax compliance consultant- Two major software developers-1995, 1997
• CRA e-filer since 1997
• Up to Date IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) required courses participant