Receive your Refunds faster with E-File,   images Be safe and ask for direct deposit of your Refunds Instant Express Cash Refund program You may qualify to receive your refund from us in ckeque or cash back to you in less than one hour of completing your return. Ask about our Express Cash-Refund and Discounting program. How it works: Fairtax Business Services could pay you your income tax refund in cheque or cash back to you in less than one hour during the tax filing season and up to September 15th of each year. Here’s how it works: If you have a refund coming back from your income tax return this year and you don’t want to wait for it just bring your tax information to our office and tell us that you would like to get an instant Fast Cash Refund We prepare your tax return and verify how much “cash back” will be coming to you from Revenue Canada (CCRA). If you qualify for our Fast Cash Refund program, we will give you 85% of the first $300 of your income tax refund and 95% of the rest. For example: You have a refund of: $1000.00 You will receive from us: $920.00 * The $80.00* covers the entire cost of the Fast Cash Refund service, including our tax preparation fee and your tax return is backed up by our guarantee which includes year round assistance. *Other restrictions may apply. Ask us for more detail. **Less applicable taxes. Defer program Unable to pay our fees, but have a refund? Ask about our deduct from my refund – Defer program. Canadians with US Citizenship, Green Card, Living and/or Working, Owning Property in the United States Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) imposes income taxes on residents of Canada, in other words, Canadian income tax system is based on residency. CRA has a complicated way of determining residential ties for income tax purposes. Those who are planning to emigrate from Canada should seek professional advice at least six month prior to their departure. On the hand, United States taxation system is based on either citizenship, Green Card, or residency.Therefore, Canadians who are also US citizens either by birth or naturalization, or holding Green Card will have to file income tax for both Unites States and Canada. Also, if you are a Canadian who just live or work in the US or have any kind of US-source income may find yourself subject to taxation on your worldwide income in both Canada and the Unites States.For US 1040 filers, a limited exclusion applies to income earned from non-US sources (form 2555, foreign earned income). There are a number of exemptions from income taxation in the U.S. and foreign tax credits covered under provisions in the Canada-United States Income Tax Convention of 1980 and the successive Protocols such as the Fifth Protocol effective 2008. But, these do not mean exemption from submitting an income tax return.It is very important to file U.S. income tax forms and all applicable elections accurately and on time. Failing to do so may result in a denial of the exemption(s) applied for and possibly resulting in double taxation if the taxpayer is also taxable in Canada. The following sections are only introductory in nature and a very brief summary of some of the income tax topics related to Canadian and the U.S income tax filing systems. These discussions do not represent a full and complete coverage of the income tax code. Readers should not use the information contained herein for any kind of tax planning.Accordingly, it is highly recommended to seek knowledgeable professional tax advice prior to using any of the information contained in this website.